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Unstoppable Together Magazine
High-Visibility Opportunities
Spring 2024
Issue 11 highlights the importance of providing and increasing access to high-visibility opportunities for all employees. Articles include features on how the firm is making a tangible difference to attract a more diverse workforce, understanding the wellness-belonging connection, and an exploration of the vastness of how employees understand what it means to be Jewish.
Why Not Both?
Winter 2024
Issue 10 is all about the intersection of DEI and AI and discussing how Booz Allen balances speed and safety of the quickly emerging technology through a partnership with Credo.AI. Articles include stories on an update to the firm's DEI Strategy & Action Plan, the importance of the language we use to create inclusion, and a new DEI Dictionary segment focused on Women's History Month.
A Nudge in the Right Direction
Fall 2023
Issue 9 closes out the three-part series on belonging with an exploration of how to do right by our colleagues with the help of daily nudges to increase a sense of belonging. Articles include features on how DEI drives the strategy of the Booz Allen Foundation, a storytelling effort to diversify the firm's cybersecurity population, and a spotlight on being named to the Disability Equity Index for the 9th consecutive year.
Talking the Talk, Walking the Walk
Summer 2023
Issue 8 acts as a two-year check point into the firm's DEI Strategy & Action plan and features a metrics-driven update on our progress as well as a history lesson on DEI at Booz Allen to date. Articles include features on how the firm is helping to build the next generation of minority-owned businesses, an interview with an employee leader of the firm's Indigenous Network, and a column on the difference between intent and impact.
Reach Out & Partner
Spring 2023
Issue 7 returns to our three-part series on belonging--with this second feature discussing what it means to partner with our colleagues daily to build connection. Articles include features on how Booz Allen is leveraging business sectors to shape, measure, and leverage DEI plans to help the firm meet its goals, the role of leader self-evaluations and goal setting, and a new tool that employees can use to discuss tricky DEI topics with one another.
The Daily Work of DEI
Winter 2023
Issue 6 explores the power of a single individual to affect systemic change within a large institution. Articles include features on the firm's new DEI Community of Practice, an exploration of how to convene more accessible and inclusive team meetings, and how Booz Allen has woven DEI into our Tech Excellence program.
Unlocking Belonging
Fall 2022
Issue 5 focuses on the first of a three-part series on belonging, beginning with a deep dive into how the firm is working to know, partner with, and do right by our colleagues. Articles include a feature on the tools that Booz Allen is using to measure action, accountability, and alignment; an article on the connection between DEI and ESG; and an exploration of diverse cultures through the lens of clothing.
Examining Intersectional Identities
Summer 2022
Issue 4 dives deep into the firm's employee communities and the way they operate to honor our employees' intersectional experiences and identities. Articles include an update to the firm's DEI action plan, an employee interview exploring how they found support from military spouse network, and how the firm is making job descriptions more inclusive.
Let Us Be Heard: The Circle Way
Spring 2022
Issue 3 focuses on the importance of listening to our colleagues and how to engage in dialogue, not debate. Articles include a DEI time capsule story on the long history of our LGBTQIA+ employee community, how Booz Allen created a more consistent, equitable process for a diverse leadership pipeline, and a "DEI Dictionary" segment.
Digging into the Mechanics of DEI
Winter 2021
Issue 2 explores how Booz Allen is leveraging accountability and governance to meet its diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Articles include a deep dive into the impact of a diverse supply chain, an inclusive leader feature with Maisha Glover, and a fun article on a celebration of diverse customs and family traditions surrounding food and recipes.
A New Dimension Of Diversity
Fall 2021
In the inaugural issue of the Unstoppable Together Magazine, we discuss the magazine's purpose--to highlight the firm's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Articles include a feature exploring the potential of neurodiverse talent pool, as well as a welcome letter that emphasizes the importance of creating a workplace where employees can be their authentic selves.

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