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Join us each year for our annual marquis summit where we hear from thought leaders, justice advocates, and stories that enable us to dig deeper into equity—examining individual behaviors, institutional systems, and global cultures. Sessions during our annual summit are built to elicit powerful dialogue, in-person and virtually, humanizing challenges in the workplace. Stay tuned by following #UnstoppableTogether on social channels to join the next summit.
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2021 Unstoppable Together Global Summit Recap

Our 2021 virtual summit was filled with incredible speakers from all over the globe delivering rich, moving conversation and inspiring stories. Watch as we recap some of our brightest moments. We hope you'll join us next year but for now be sure to explore past sessions in the library and join our movement below.
What is Unstoppable Together
At Booz Allen, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are woven into our value system. DEI is a driving force behind our mission to empower people to change the world. We believe that real and lasting social change requires changing our own workplace culture as well as influencing the culture around us. 

Because our priorities extend beyond statistical victories to the hearts and minds of our employees, our work in DEI begins at the individual employee level. Our goal is to make our people feel seen, heard, and valued by building affinity for humanity across all backgrounds. Unstoppable Together is the cornerstone of Booz Allen’s global DEI efforts and is the idea that by working together—across teams, companies, industries, background, ethnicities, and cultures we can accomplish anything. 
A Storytelling Renewal
Storytelling has always been crucial to how we learn and share history, culture, legend, and myth—illuminating who we are in the context of the world. As an organization that asks our people to “bring their whole selves to work,” we set out on a journey to rediscover storytelling as a way to build belonging and connection. Unstoppable Together is that journey. 

Storytelling enables us to unpack challenges—from personal to familial, community to societal issues—those that impact how employees show up in the workplace. We want to build a more inclusive company, but recognize this work takes more than just Booz Allen. It requires expanding the chorus of voices to learn from our clients, our partners, and those in communities in which we live and serve. 
Learning to Share Our Stories
Through a growing body of work, the Unstoppable Together program creates the raw materials for storytelling: extensive research about tough topics, discussion guides and book selections to expand our thinking, and a podcast series that explores these topics through narrative. This wealth of resources enables people to enter this journey at their own pace, along a continuum of exploration that positions them to learn from a safe place and eventually share their own stories. The tales that result are about grit, resilience, allyship and more intense emotions —everything from joy and gratitude to frustration, sadness, guilt, and anger. Exploring these universal emotions guides us past judgment into empathy, grows our resilience, and emboldens us to be more vulnerable. 

As Maya Angelou so wisely said, “do the best you can until you know better; and when you know better, do better” and that’s exactly what we want to do next. By launching the Unstoppable Together Movement, we’re building a coalition of partner organizations and dedicated activists to learn from collections of stories and identify, and ultimately work to solve, some the toughest challenges causing and perpetuating inequities around the globe. 

When we say we are “unstoppable together,” this is what we mean. Working together —across companies, communities, industries, and cultures—is what makes us truly unstoppable. 

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As we expand the coalition of individuals and organizations committed to using their voice and capabilities to affect change, we’d love to have you join us.
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Together, we're taking steps to create a more inclusive, just, and equitable future. Together, we're unstoppable. Join us!

2021 Unstoppable Together Global Summit

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